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“Human Resource Management Training Proposal” Week 8 Assignment By: Beira Romero HSA 320 Professor: Teresa Cole 08/25/2013 Overview of the Process and Steps Human resources planning assess the manpower requirement for future period of time. It attempts to provide sufficient manpower required to perform organizational activities. HR planning is a continuous process which starts with identification of HR objectives, move through analysis of manpower resources and ends at appraisal of HR planning. Recruitment’s provide opportunities to departments such as aligning staff skill sets to initiatives and goals and planning for departmental and individual growth. Although there is work involved in the hiring process, proper planning and…show more content…
The recruitment plan is typically developed by the hiring manager in conjunction with the Departmental HR Coordinator. To ensure applicants selected for interview and final consideration are evaluated by more than one individual to minimize the potential for personal bias, a selection committee is formed. The hiring manager will identify members who will have direct and indirect interaction with the applicant in the course of their job. Each hiring manager should make an effort to appoint a search committee that represents a diverse cross section of the staff. A member of the committee will be appointed as the Affirmative Action and Compliance Liaison who will monitor the affirmative action aspects of the search committee. Under-represented groups and women are to have equal opportunity to serve on search committees and special efforts should be made to encourage participation. Departments that lack diversity in their own staff should consider appointing staff outside the department to search committees or develop other alternatives to broaden the perspective of the committee. Once the position description has been completed, every effort should be made to ensure the accuracy of the job description and posting text. It is not advisable and in some instances, not possible to change elements of a posted position. The reason for this has to do with the impact a given

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