Assignment 2 Legal Issues Case Study Part Ii Essay

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Assignment 2 Legal Issues Case Study Part II Click Link Below To Buy: Assignment 2: Legal Issues Case Study Part II Read the scenario and the questions that follow. Identify the legal issue(s) and apply legal concepts and possible arguments for each question. Prepare a solution for each question using laws, cases, examples and/or other relevant materials. At the end of the paper, identify potential ethical issues and propose a solution for each issue. Support your answers with information from the textbook and at least two outside scholarly sources. By Tuesday, May 10, 2016, prepare a 7 to 9-page paper that identifies the legal issues and potential solutions…show more content…
• McWilliams is being sued by two customers. • • Hal Coker is suing McWilliams for negligence and deceptive trade practices claiming the fast food chain does not adequately inform the public of the dangers to their health and eating the food can lead to health problems. • • Keith and Kathy Allison were having dinner with their two daughters at a McWilliams in Detroit when the couple started to argue. The argument escalated and Keith shouted that he was going to kill his wife. When Keith stormed outside, Kathy dialed 911 and asked the manager to help them. The manager said he could not get involved in domestic disputes. Kathy and her daughters hid in the restroom; however, Mr. Allison returned with a gun, which he used to shoot Kathy and his two daughters before Detroit police shot killed him. Kathy died at the scene, and the two daughters were seriously injured. A wrongful death lawsuit filed against McWilliams on behalf of the girls. • McWilliams is famous for its golden MW logo and mascot, McBurger. Roc wants to ensure the McWilliams logo and mascot are protected from use by others without permission. Roc reminds you that this protection should extend use in the United States and in other countries. She also asks you if it would be possible to sue a competitor, McDonalds, for their use of one golden arch logo, similar to

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