Assignment 2: Mergers and Acquisitions

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Look up at the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no it really is a plain. All across the United States and all over the world there are a number of companies that are constantly seeking to expand each by a number of different means; some companies are going public, others are buying assets from other companies, and some companies are merging. Mergers happen every day whether we realize it or not there are a number of different smaller companies out there that either by or acquire another company's assets or acquire the whole company itself. The whole merger process can be complicated and also can be quite simple one company seeks to expand and another cease to liquidate some assets, the reasons for this are as different as each company. One…show more content…
Some people will be happy with the merger others will be skeptical with, some people will lose their benefits such as 03 frequent flier miles and an executive club rooms at the airport. It seems with this new merger that how well the airline is doing is in a matter of opinion some people are saying that the benefits from American were not transferred over others are saying to the benefits from past American were transferred, the same thing as being said of US Airways past customers. According to a Washington Post article a man out Tucson Arizona says that America is treating his customers even worse because now his American Express card no longer gives them access to the admirals club in the Phoenix lounge. Others are set because America is getting rid of something they call bereavement fares, which is a discount on tickets that people buy for funerals because they'd have to leave right away they don't have time to actually shop around for a better price. The discount was not a great one but at least they would something, in the wake of the post merger American would have to get rid of this to coincide with US Airways policies. (Elliott, 2014) On the other side of this merger a woman from Washington who is a frequent flier was happy to find out that have benefits from US Airways was carried over into the new company which includes a waiver for checking in

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