Assignment 2: Parenting Program Analysis

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I feel this activity was difficult, although I am married and do have everyday bills and I do have to make tough financial decisions daily, some of the questions did not have the option I would choose. On one of the questions it asked about a free concert, but I couldn’t attend because of child care, I have been very blessed to have my mother close who helps me if I need help with my kids wither for a night off, school or work. I do understand some do not have that blessing and have to either choose to spend the money for child care or stay home. I am a parenting program coordinator so I run into a lot of families that the only break they get monthly is my program because I offer free child care. I feel that organizations in our community are trying to come up with programs for families to help them in many ways in attempt the reduce child neglect, abuse, and relief of financial burdens.…show more content…
I feel a lot has to be done, but I think this is all being put into motion. When it comes to economic situations I often refer to Springfield because I know and see our community’s economic struggles. We have resources like the Northwest Project that is attempting to help families in low economic status overcome their financial struggles. I also think that there are organizations like my job, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, that have resources to help parents with child care and children needs like diapers and clothing. We are all aware of our communities struggles and we are slowly coming together to help confront these issues. It will take many programs like Northwest project and Community Partnership to help those who lack financial education and much more it is just taking longer then what families in this community
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