Assignment 2: The Role Of Language Development In Young Children

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Developmental objectives Language development: Letter recognition- The children will identify upper case letters by corresponding the letters to familiar objects. The way(s) this will be accomplished: Through using the homemade alphabet book that consist of letters that contain corresponding textures and objects (capital B with buttons). Cognitive development: Classifying- The children will identify and organize pictures according to a common theme. The way(s) this will be accomplished: Through the season theme matching game that will be displayed on the back of the shelf that is facing the literacy area. The activity will contain different pictures of summer, fall, winter and spring items that will have to be matched to the corrected category. Social development: Sharing with others- The children will share homemade materials and books with their peers during free play. The way(s) this will be accomplished: There will be many items located in the literacy area such as a variety of books, a homemade alphabet book, a matching activity and a pillow. All these items will provide the children with the opportunity to share and take turns using the different equipment and materials. Equipment and Material (for 16 preschoolers) -32 book with different seasonal themes (summer, winter, fall, spring) -1 hand made…show more content…
I will encourage the children to share all materials located in the literacy area. I will also engage in reading the homemade alphabet book if asked by the children. I will promote the children to explore the homemade book by touching the different items and textures on each letter. I will also hint and help the children understand how the items on the letter correspond to the letter itself. Lastly, I will engage in play, and use supportive and encouraging words when seeing a child display a developmental objective that was listed above. I will also help the children enhance or move towards the developmental objectives by using verbal and non-verbal
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