Assignment 2 Vocabulary Research Paper

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Kali Potock
Professor Mancino
Nutrition for Wellness
27 October 2017
Assignment #2 Vocabulary Words
Word 1. Nutrition Facts Panel
a.) The Nutrition Facts Panel is a label found on the boxes and cans of foods, providing nutritional information about amounts and percentages of nutrients in that specific food, based on set dietary targets.
b.) The customer was concerned about how much protein, sodium, fat, carbohydrates, and calories her children would be consuming from one box of macaroni, so she checked the nutritional information provided by the Nutritional Facts Panel on the side of the box.

Word 2. Fiber
a.) Fiber is a material found in food, containing certain edible substances from plants that the digestive system cannot fully breakdown.
b.) Laura was having
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a.) Pica is when a person gains an interest in chewing on items that are not food nor have any nutritional value, such as rocks.
b.) The doctor explained to Tonya’s husband that a possible reasoning behind her chewing on her hair continuously could be the diagnosis of pica, due to stress and worry from her due-date quickly approaching.

Word 8. Polypharmacy
a.) Polypharmacy is when a patient, usually elderly, is taking multiple medications at one time to typically treat a single condition.
b.) Shirley’s daughter suggested to her that to help organize her polypharmacy of medications, she use a daily pill organizer to remember to take multiple pills together every day.

Word 9. Diet as tolerated
a.) Diet as tolerated is a term used, usually post-surgery, when the patient can’t take in and/or digest all foods well, so certain foods are avoided until it is safe to advance to the next stage of foods that are considered tolerable.
b.) When Jacob had his wisdom teeth removed, his diet was as tolerated, so he was restricted to soups, applesauce, pudding, and other soft foods, until a few days post-surgery, when his mouth was stable enough to chew more complex foods.

Word 10. Enteral
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