Assignment 2 for unit 11 draft 1

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Edexcel BTEC - Assignment Cover Sheet Qualification Unit number(s) and title(s) BTEC Unit 11 Systems Analysis and Design Learner name Assessor name Geraldine Hudson Date issued Deadline Submitted on W/C 19/01/15 W/C 23/02/15 (Thursday 4pm) Assignment title What is Systems Analysis? In this assessment you will have opportunities to provide evidence against the following criteria. Indicate the page numbers where the evidence can be found. Criteria reference To achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able to: Task no. Evidence P4 Carry out a structured analysis of a specified business process 1 P5 Produce a requirements specification for a business process 1 M2 Suggest alternative solutions 1 D1…show more content…
Micronics are now on board with your proposal and would like you to proceed to the next stage in systems analysis. Task 1 With reference to the Micronics Limited case study, discuss the appropriate techniques which can be used to gather the information required to produce a requirements specification. Task 1 will provide evidence for P4. Task 2 Using the evidence provided in P4, together with the Lifecycle model you have suggested to be most applicable to Micronics in P3, produce a requirements specification in terms of a prioritised list of requirements for Micronics Limited. Task 2 will provide evidence for P5. Task 3 In order for Micronics to commit to your requirements specification, they need to be aware of alternative solutions. Suggest an alternative solution based on a different lifecycle model, also giving reasons why the one that is outlined in your document is more suitable. Task 3 will provide evidence for M2. Task 4 Undertake a cost-benefit analysis on your solution. Task 4 will provide evidence for D1. Grading tips For this task, check before you hand in your work that you have met the criteria in the grading grid. This task involves in-depth reading of the case study of Micronics Limited which will be evidenced throughout these tasks. For P5 use the suggested structure of a typical requirements specification. What to hand in: P4: A report in MS Word which outlines the techniques involved in gathering evidence. P5: A report in MS Word

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