Assignment 204 Task A Essay

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Assignment 204 Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse: Physical abuse: Physical abuse is when an individual is being physically harmed by the people who are responsible for their care Signs and symptoms of physical abuse: Unexplained bruising, cuts or burns. Unexplained injuries and falls. Restraining someone inappropriately without a reason. Malnutrition, ulcers, bed sore and being left in wet clothing. Inappropriate sanctions including deprivation of food, clothing, warmth and health care needs. Sexual abuse: Sexual abuse can be different types of abuse whether it’s sexual activities and the individual cannot consent to it and have been…show more content…
Signs and symptoms of institutional abuse: Regular admissions to hospital. No care or support plan. Could also include any work action or regime which destroys the dignity and respect to which every person is entitled to. Individuals possessions being shared in a residential setting. Self-neglect: Self-neglect is when an individual isn’t looking after themselves which could lead to self harm and neglect. Signs and symptoms of self-neglect: Dirty or unkempt appearance. Unhygienic. Not eating or drinking which leads to malnutrition. Misuse of medication. Unexplained cuts and marks on skin. Neglecting your house e.g. no heating or lighting. Neglect by others: Neglect by others is when someone is in a position of trust that doesn’t provide the care as stated in the care plan. Signs and symptoms of neglect by others: Dirty or unkempt appearance. Not assisting with personal hygiene. Malnutrition not providing food fluids and warmth. Deteriorating health. Unexplained weight loss. Not giving individual prescribed medication. Not respecting the individuals privacy and dignity Explain the correct actions to take if you suspect an individual is being abused. If you suspect an individual is being abused you would follow organisational procedures. You would make a note of the disclosure and date and sign it but when noting you have to make sure you document what the individual has said, using their own words and phrases. You would document
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