Assignment 204 Task a Essay

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Safeguarding Adults Safeguarding is about guarding the safety of vulnerable people against abuse. Abuse is a well known term however, what is not well known is the different types of abuse there are. It is the aim of this booklet to increase the knowledge of those who work in a care setting about abuse and what to do if you suspect someone is being abused. Difference types of abuse Physical abuse * Injuries, which are unexplained, intentional, or not prevented by another person. * Internal or external injuries (e.g. internal bleeding from body organs, fractures and dislocations) caused by assault (e.g. pushing, pinching, slapping, punching, burning, kicking, force-feeding and inappropriate restraint). * Using incorrect…show more content…
Simply providing three square meals a day to a service user, doesn’t mean the meals are eaten, service users may have difficulty feeding themselves, illness or medication may cause loss of appetite or problems with eating or swallowing or they may just not like the meal they have been given. Research has shown that the average nursing home resident takes 40 minutes to eat a meal, carers may be expected to provide support for between 5 and 20 people in an hour making it almost impossible to meet each service user’s needs. Therefore care plans, risk assessments, policies, procedures and guidelines must be in place to ensure that the service users receive the highest possible quality of care possible. Dehydration Dehydration may occur as a result of service user’s being denied access to fluids or not being given the support necessary to be able to drink. Service users should have drinks available at all times and staff must be able to monitor fluid intake, special care should be taken for individuals suffering from sickness/diarrhoea and for all when the weather is hot. Falls When a service user enters a home a care plan will be created for them. This should include an assessment of their risk of falling to determine what assistance they will need to get around. If appropriate procedures are not developed by managers and acted upon by staff then unnecessary falls will occur. The
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