Assignment 3: Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Essay

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1 Assignment 3: Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Kenneth Lee 8/6/2012 Marketing 500 Dr. R. Kay Green Strayer University 2 Authors Note Kenneth L. Lee Graduate of Strayer University. Kenneth L. Lee Is now the owner of Lee’s Recruiting Training Team. The research was done form share holder investments. Correspondence concerning this report should be addressed to Kenneth Lee, owner and author of Lee’s Recruiting Training Team, 22 Lee’s drive Fredericksburg Va. 22444. Contact author: WWW.Lee’ 3 Abstract This paper will explore the domestic and global product branding strategy, determine…show more content…
Lee’s Recruiting Training Team will be hinged on these four factors. We will ensure that the services created will be such that it can sell anywhere using the same method. Our services will consider the primary elements of all the markets. However, the language in which the product is named can be changed; whereas the content will remain the same. In this strategic preparation our organization will start exporting to our foreign clients first, for initial testing of the marketing plan. We take into consideration the language barriers and realize that we may not be received well at first, however with our goal and team motto, helping them realize the importance of constructing a successful team through effective communicating; they will soon see the benefit. 5 Lee’s Recruiting Training Teams main slogan is simple, one team one voice, getting everyone on their team to speak the same language so that there is a clear complete mutual understanding about the needs and vision of their company. The price of our product and services is never constant. It will be decided after reviewing the market and the currency of the country. The variables that affect prices are location where the product and services are being produced, cost of materials, transportation charges, labor charges and so on. Robinson and Lakhani (1975) initiated a long research stream in marketing when they used the Bass model (1969) to develop optimal pricing path for a

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