Assignment 3 Bus 330 Essay

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GSA Wants You
Strayer University
Bus 330 – Contract Administration and Management
Professor Antoinette Bridges
May 30, 2014

GSA is focused on giving the merchant group the vital preparations and tools required for them to seek work with the Federal Government. In doing this mission, GSA's Office of Small Business Utilization has devoted its assets to teaching the small business entrepreneur with continued support in training. Stanberry, S. A. (2013).

GSA Wants You
Describe the electronic submission process and the security measures present in this approach. Analyze the advantages over classic paper solicitations.
According to Stanberry (2013), the electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) is a
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In chess you know the pieces but you can’t see into the other person’s mind. In negotiation you don’t necessarily know the ‘pieces’. You have to discover and develop your own pieces and find ways of uncovering your counterparts’.” The Essentials of Job Negotiations, (2011)
Once both sides have established a clear agenda and talking points now the can start the negotiation process. Each side will begin their arguments or persuasion points with each side taking turns listening before objecting the opposing side’s talking points. A good negotiator of any contract will or should poses one major important factor and that is confidence. Confidence is key to having a good chance of winning what you want in a negotiation. According to Oliver, D, How to Negotiate Effectively, (2011), Confidence is a key. “If you lose your own confidence, the counterpart will intuitively pick that up, and you will end the negotiation in a much weaker position than you need to. Tactics therefore need to be clear before you go into the negotiation. If your counterpart perceives a loss of confidence, you won’t regain the high ground. Authority comes from confidence. Our sources of confidence come from the preparation phase: thinking through all the advantages we have to offer, thinking through all the gaps in the weaknesses of the other party. We strengthen our mind and strengthen our position. To aid us in this process we need to assess and build
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