Assignment 3:  Case 7-2 “Carmakers Target Gen Y”

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Assignment 3: Case 7-2 “Carmakers Target Gen Y” International Marketing 505 August 12, 2012 1. Explain the strategy behind Asian automakers targeting Gen Y. Asian automakers have sought out to target the Generation Y consumer for many reasons. They have found that high priced gas-guzzlers are not so popular anymore. Gas has not been at an affordable standstill for years. What does this mean to Asian automakers? They have the opportunity to target young US consumers that are looking for small reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Asian automakers understand that America is in a crunch so people are looking for more but for less. Their aim is to introduce lines of vehicles that are not only fuel friendly but are pocket friendly as…show more content…
3. Determine the rationale behind Toyota's decision to limit the number of Scion vehicles available for sale. Do you agree or disagree? Provide a rationale. It has been said that Toyota limited the number of Scion vehicles for sale to maintain its image. This was aimed in efforts of maintain it perceptive consumers. It put a limit on the amount of Scion that would be sold each year. They wanted to produce lower sales volumes that would not out weight its image that has already helped its reputation thus far. (Aziz,2006) I cannot say that I agree with the decision that Toyota made in this case. You have a car that is aim and targeted at a specific group yet there are restrictions. If this car was intended to aim at a particular generation it would have no effect or bearing on the next. At least in my opinion it wouldn’t. I feel that a loyal consumer is going to be just that as long as they are receiving what they have been getting all along. In addition to an already reputable line in my opinion does not need limits because you are feeding the needs of a totally different consumer. If they are not putting limits on their loyal consumers that have already been set in stone, then why put it on the potential lifetime consumer that are could be building in the process? 4. Research current strategies that Ford and GM are using to cater to this particular market

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