Assignment 3: Dismissal Meeting. Preparing For A Reduction

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Assignment 3: Dismissal Meeting Preparing for a reduction in force is never an easy thing, for the organization or the employees. Although, at times it is a necessary action to take to suffice business needs. Planning and preparation are key to executing a smooth transition when it comes to reducing your labor force. When the economy took a turn for the worst, our company that manufactures airplane parts had no other choice than to layoff part of its workforce. As the office manager, I was in charge of planning and executing this RIF. This paper will provide an overview of the processes we followed to dismiss our employees in a respectful, complaint manner. Preparing Managers One of the major parts of the planning process is to ensure…show more content…
One way to cope with negativity is to isolate it, but as a leader in the organization, they need to be strong for the individuals that look up to them. They should hold meetings with the layoff survivors to discuss the future of the company so that they can ease their fears of future layoffs. During a time of high emotion like this, the existing employees may fear that job is not secure and start seeking other employment opportunities. Positive leadership and communication will be essential to maintaining the existing employees. With a decreased workforce, motivating employees and increasing productivity will be key to success. Dismissal Process Planning the dismissal process is one of the most important parts to insuring the layoff process remains compliant and efficient. Our company plans to layoff 150 employees during this reduction in force. To remain compliant with federal law, we will have to follow the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN). “The law mandates employers with more than 100 employees to provide 60 days ' advance notice to certain state and local government officials and affected employees or their union representatives of a plant closing or a mass layoff” (Teare and O’Keefe, 2013). This means that we will have to give proper notice to the affected employees and properly plan when the dismissals will take place. The affected employees will be given a letter when they arrive to work on December 4th that notifies them to attend a

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