Assignment 3-NC Digital Transformation Model

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Assignment: 1-What Does the DLP-DL Data Say?

The most impactful experience from attending DLP can be referenced to having the opportunity to visit schools that are currently in the digital transformation process. To visually see what other schools are currently doing and having speakers share the preparation work for them to achieve certain avenues in their digital process allowed me to think of ways to help guide my school towards the same direction.

When I first enter this program, I was unsure of how I would begin to implement this transformation on my campus. This year long program has provided me with resources that will provide a beginning foundation for my school. This process will not occur within a year, but it will require baby
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I encourage this process as an avenue for our school to acquire technology devices; which will allow teachers the opportunity to continuously integrate technology into the classroom. The teachers’ work collaboratively and sometimes individually to apply for grants (technology). They are willing to go that extra mile to provide and acquire technology for our students.

Assignment 3-NC Digital Transformation Model
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is currently implementing the Digital Transformation process. After researching and reading their current process, an element that seems to be beneficial and is working that is allowing students to BYOD (“Bring Your Own Technology”). This initiative allows students and teachers to use their own personal devices during the instructional day by connecting to the schools wireless connectivity.
Currently, my teachers use their cell phones to connect to the school’s wireless network during the school day. We are discussing the possibility of our fifth graders bringing their devices on early release days to use in the classrooms. We chose fifth graders because they are older and this would be a pilot, which will provide us with information on how students can handle this
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