Assignment 3 Organizational an National Cultures in Polish-US Joint Venture

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Assignment 1: Organizational and National Cultures in Polish-U.S. Joint Venture
Global Business Manangement-510
Professor Sue Golabek
Christi Griffin
October 27, 2013

Introduction In multinational workplaces understanding how important the significance of cultural differences is larger than we might think. Organizations that are diverse have to work together because their functionality impacts the productivity of the workplace. It is vital to have an understanding the different cultures to develop a strong organization. Certain principles will help you acknowledge that different cultures exist within the organization. As a manager, you have to analyze the reasons for the development of the differences and
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This posed a challenge for the Polish managerial experiences because they were still using a state controlled system and the U.S based their decisions to better the society as a whole. The Polish felt it necessary to resolve problems with their own interest at heart and not pay attention to the needs of other in the organization. When you only think about your own good, it hinders the organization from reaching success as a team. It does focus on team building skills and lacks structure that is needed in every organization whether working independently or as a joint venture. The Hofstede dimension model can be helpful to the Polish community by applying human resource management skills to their operation, leadership styles, multinational assumptions, decision-making and organizational design, and building a strategy to assist in daily operations. The Polish can address the human resource management skills by selecting qualified workers. This will require them to train individuals and ensure they are knowledgeable of the core concepts of being a HR manager. The Polish organization will also have to evaluate the employees for managerial position and promote employees that meet the requirements for the position of a manager. Polish organization workers will then decide on how to compensate the qualified individuals and differentiate the pay from other workers. Every employee that is working there should not be on the same level meaning there should be
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