Assignment 3: PMSEII Or METT-T.

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As an aviator, we are constantly thinking PMSEII/METT-TC. We reflect on the local military, enemy forces, and civilian population. Subsequently, we try to capture the type of equipment, ranges of said equipment, quantity, choke points for the ground troops or aviation elements, and the loyalty of the locals to the enemy or friendly forces, just to list a few. We try to answer all of these before and continue to do so during each mission. As a reconnaissance and attack pilot, I must ensure I develop the situation for our ground and air commanders for present and future operations.
When answering the Infrastructure of the environment, it is crucial to identify critical structures or building, such as schools, government, religious, power sources or water sources. Along with the central structures, recognize the density of the environment as rural or urban. Furthermore, are the structures dilapidated or operational with minimal repairs? Once complete, define the challenges and actions of the military when in the environment. Challenges such as, a useful power source and water source for the community, and who have secured them. Finally, answering how the military fits into the picture. Would the military need to protect the schools, government buildings, or would the engineers need to rebuild a bridge that has handicapped the
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The environment impacts aviators, but along with infrastructure, we have to think about how the enemy can use water sources, air/land choke points (mountainous terrain or bridges), or densely built up cities. Throughout the entire mission planning and execution, aviators think ahead for the ground force, commanders, and aircraft. Aviators have to make decisions based on assessment and reassessment of PMESTII-PT/METT-TC and every minute recon/attack pilots are on a mission; they are evaluating, thinking ahead, and reporting all while maintaining the picture for current and future
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