Assignment 3: Promotional and Advertising Strategies Essay

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WEEK 9, Assignment 3: Promotional and Advertising Strategies Course: Contemporary Business Date: March 1, 2014 The automotive industry has had its share of high and low moments. As the economy takes a tumble, automobile manufacturers feel the impact of that tumble. However, when things are going good with the economy, the demand for a new, innovative, reliable, and efficient vehicle becomes a booming business. But a good economy doesn’t always guarantee success. What additional steps must a company take? The answer is simple. A company must scan its market and prepare a marketing strategy that appeals to that intended market. For some companies, it takes a tremendous amount of…show more content…
The inspection of the vehicles can be pitched to the customers in marketing and ad campaigns so that current and potential customers can know how diligently Ford works to ensure the safety of its vehicles. This could create a stronger company in the sense that customers feel safe and they feel as if the company is looking out for their safety above anything. As far as the customer service is concerned, I made this suggestion because I am a Ford customer and I don’t always get the best service when I go to a Ford dealership for service. This could have damaging effects on the company if I were to consistently talk bad about and degrade the company because of horrible service at one location. Enough detraction from one customer could create a larger movement when other individuals get involved. No matter what marketing strategy they would potentially use, there could be negative connotations attached with it if people are talking about how horrible “Ford” is when they are only referring to a specific dealership. Consumer-oriented promotions can help a company both short and long term. “The goal of consumer-oriented sales promotion is to get new and existing customers to try or buy products.”4 (Boone/Kurtz, 2013, p.404) Many companies use
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