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Security Management Advanced Assignment 3

Question 1 (Weighting: 10)
Explain how the risk to personnel security can be reduced and how personnel can be monitored without infringing their rights. Give an example of how an organisation might ensure that employees are not at risk, and explain how one would obtain a 'CRB' check.

Personal Security is a prime concern for most employers. By ensuring personal security is acute, other aspects of security for the asset will be enhanced. For instance, my current employer can and does, monitor both my work emails and blackberry, this was clearly stated in my contract and is a basic security enhancement.

Other areas that the employer can instigate could be:
1. Web monitoring service with
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The Act covers:

1. Rights of data subjects and others.
2. Notification by data controllers.
3. Exemptions.
4. Enforcement.
5. Miscellaneous and general.

The above areas are then broken down into more detailed information covering a wider range of topics.

Essentially, there are 8 main principles to the Act, these specify that personal data must be:

1. Processed fairly and lawfully.
2. Obtained for specific and lawful purposes.
3. Adequate, relevant and not excessive.
4. Accurate and up to date.
5. Not kept longer than necessary.
6. Processed in accordance with the “data subjects” (yourself) rights.
7. Kept securely.
8. Not transferred to any other country without adequate protection in situ.

Any organisation that keeps either a hard or soft copy of any information relating to an individual MUST control it inline with the above act. There are financial penalties in place, in some cases custodial sentences, for failure to comply with the Act.


Question 4 (Weighting: 10)
Explain the main differences between crisis management and risk management and give a hypothetical situation to illustrate your point. (min. 250 words)

Crisis Management is the process by which an organisation deals with a major event that threatens to harm its clients, premises or assets. This major

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