Assignment 301 Task B

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Unit 301: Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training

Assignment 301B: Reflective Account

Name: Alan Blackham

On reflection, promoting appropriate behaviour, equality and diversity, along with identifying the needs of the learner are integral roles within teaching.

It is important to promote appropriate behaviour and respect for others to achieve a safe learning environment, that is orderly, co-operative and purposeful. A good way to initiate this is by establishing ground rules and set boundaries at the start of the course. This can be a dual input exercise, with both the students and the tutor having input, whilst ensuring the tutor’s
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With this in mind all tutors should be mindful and uphold the basics set out in The Equality Act 2010, which ultimately protects the rights and equality of all individuals, prohibiting victimization.

Providing a rich and varied context is essential, tutors should utilize a range of different methods to engage all students interests and learning styles. Identifying and meeting the learners needs are important so that tutors can facilitate students learning and ensure that both the students and tutors meet the required goals. Each learner is unique and brings to the learning situation their own different learning style, knowledge set, past experiences and motivational levels. It is important for tutors to consider the level of knowledge and skill development attained by the learners prior to instruction through a variety of different types of assessment, in order to offer a high quality learning experience, delivered and resourced to suit the needs of the learner. Tutors can assess learner needs through numerous means, such as; informal and formal assessment strategies, pre-course interviews and learning style tests. This will allow tutors to tailor lessons and activities to support learners individual needs.

A further way to address more specific learner needs is through the use of Individual Learning Plans (ILPs). An ILP is a dynamic working document, owned and used by the learner and supported by the tutor. It is
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