Assignment 4: Case 4-1 “Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens”

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Assignment 4: Case 4-1 “Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens”

Sears Goes Zwinky for Tweens and Teens

Prof. Karen Mountain

Marketing 510 Consumer Behavior Feb 27 , 2013

Introduction Consumer behavior is an issue of concern amongst consumers and relevant authorities.

Sears is the company that is constantly changing its advertising techniques to gratify the

requirements of clients. The company targeted markets are teens, and the
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2.Discuss clothes shopping from a family decision-making standpoint, including parent-child dynamics and determine the dynamic that Sears is attempting to influence by using social network sites.

Sears offers diverse fashionable clothes to clients and to the wider targeted market. Consumer

behavior in the purchase of the clothes is different amongst clients because of demographic

features present in the society. Families prefer shopping for Sears’ clothes to other clothes

produced by other companies. This because it offers descent clothes like maternity clothes that

are relatively affordable and are designed according to an individual’s taste. Secondly, the

company presents a range of clothes to Christmas shoppers. Families round the globe highly

uphold festivities period, and Sears provides clothing solutions during these periods. The

designs for manufacturing clothes in the company differ among the younger and older

generations. The dressing gap between the parents and kids is bridged because the clothes

provide an interaction avenue between them. This is because there are no noticeable differences

in the clothes a parent and kid wear; thus there is no conflict brought about by perceptions of an

individual’s dressing mode. The mode of dressing between the younger and older generation is

bridged by the dressing modes brought by Sears’ clothes. This is because the social and online

scenes provides a
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