Assignment 4

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"What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself. --
Abraham H. Maslow (Robson, John 2013)”
This says to me that in order for a person to change they have to first become aware of themselves and how they perceive and understand themselves in relation to the world.
During the following assignment I am going to explore how I myself, through the studying of counselling skills and theory, have developed my understanding of self and how I apply this within whatever environment I am placed in.

1. Understand how the study of counselling theory can inform personal development and growth
1.1 Reflect on ways in which the study of counselling theory has developed their understanding of self
One area I feel I have
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Defence mechanisms are created by the ego to help manage the Id and super ego, the ego being reality, Id the seeking of pleasure and avoidance of pain, and super ego our morals and values.
They appear unconsciously and change reality whilst being unaware that any change within us has occurred.
A specific example of when this happened related to work when I was asked to present a workshop relating to the key working and care planning of clients. The sequence of events was I prepared a workshop only to be told the morning of the presentation that it was to be done a completely different way. I went along with this but became aggressive in the way I delivered it causing arguments between myself and senior staff members during the session. This is a simplified version of events but for the purpose of this analysis and comparison is sufficient.
When reflecting over these events my true feeling was that of inadequacy and doubt however I displayed an air of confidence, bordering on arrogance, in which my thoughts were final and no aversion from this was acceptable to me.
My conscious thoughts were that I was right and that was the way it should be done, however unconsciously I wasn’t right at all, in fact I thought I had got it completely wrong when being told to do it a different way, but rather than show these feelings of inadequacy I adopted the thoughts of I know what I an doing and I will ensure everyone follows this. In simplified terms as a summary, I
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