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CNDV 5301: HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT STUDENT NAME: __ SECTION NUMBER: __ ASSIGNMENT #4: Young and Middle Adulthood Activity 2: Generativity Watch as three adults talk about their experiences during middle adulthood. As you watch, reflect on how each individual has experienced generativity and found meaningfulness in his or her life. Click here to watch the video. #1: The first woman shown in the video describes her life in terms of communion, or caring for others. Define communion, and provide an example. How does her description of her life show continuity across the life span? Communion refers to an individuals desire to relate, cooperate, and merge with others. People who are communion oriented find fulfillment in their…show more content…
How does her experience add to our understanding of generativity in middle adulthood? Generativity refers to "making your mark" on the world, through caring for others, creating things and accomplishing things that make the world a better place (Cherry). By contrast, stagnation is failing to find ways to contribute. The third woman, although retired, has found many activities to participate in. She coaches sports teams, officiates games, and runs a pool. She also plays sports and has become more involved in her nieces and nephews lives. Although she is not married, she has found other things to fulfill her. She states that many people run into the problem, once they retire, of not being able to find something to fulfill them. Due to their career being such a big part of their life, they may not have had time to find other things they enjoy. This can lead to them feeling stagnation once they are no longer involved in the work place. #4. Contact your own parents, if possible, and ask about their experience during middle age (you can also do personal reflection if this applies). List three questions that you might ask to help them reflect on their lives, perhaps in new ways, and with attention to the key concepts raised in Chapter 13. I was unable to contact my parents. However, three questions I would ask them are: 1) As a child, do you feel that you were encouraged to develop a sense of pride in yourself?

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