Assignment 4: Lessons From The Ceelta

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Assignment 4: Lessons from the classroom.

In this assignment I have been asked to reflect in detail on my experience of the classroom during the CELTA course (both teaching and learning) for self-assessment and professional development purposes.
Before the course I already had one-year experience as an English teacher, using my own teaching methodology, which was not efficient and lacked in many essential stages and aims of my lessons. At the beginning of the CELTA course I realised that it was very intensive and it required my full attention and concentration. But with the help and guidance of my tutors Dan Kirk and Susan McDowell, I was able to learn new teaching techniques and develop some areas such as ‘how to focus on the learner, language related tasks as well as language
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It took me a long fifty minutes to complete my main aims, however I didn’t have enough time to do the freer activity, which was crucial as it provides students the opportunity to practice speaking for accuracy. This was supported by Susan’s feedback “time was running out so maybe the there is/ are controlled practice could have been omitted to allow focus on freer activity”.
In order to reduce my TTT, my plan is to stop echoing after students’ answers and instead, respond by head gestures and facial expressions. During the lesson I will also use elicitation instead of explanation because it’s a type of guided discovery, which help learners understand, and have more successful learning.
In regard to time management, my plan is to prioritise the lesson stages according to the aim of the lesson and make sure to do freer activities at least Ten to Fifteen minutes before the end of the lesson. My second plan is to observe more experienced teachers and how they manage their time
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