Assignment 4 Merger Acquisition And International Strategies RhondaNaldo

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Assignment 4: Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies Rhonda Naldo BUS 499- Business Administration Capstone Professor Clayton Sinclair III May 25, 2015 Merger, Acquisition, and International Strategies This research paper will analyze the acquisition and merger of Pixar by Disney. It will evaluate the strategy that led to the merger and acquisition, and will determine whether or not this merger was a wise choice. This paper will also discuss Target Corporation since it has not been involved in any mergers or acquisitions. It will analyze how Best Buy would be a profitable candidate for Target to acquire or merge with, and will explain why Best Buy would be a profitable target. Since Disney operates…show more content…
Best Buy suffers for its lack of variety and people will rather shop at places such as Target and Wal-Mart to find a better deal. Target could benefit from this merger by acquiring Best Buy’s brand presence and experience in selling electronics and appliances. Best Buy currently operates too many stores, and is in a dire need of a stronger presence online and has a dwindling reputation of taking care of its customers. Best Buy would be a profitable target because Target Corporation could remake its electronics sections into Best Buy mini-stores and utilize its strengths in customer service to strengthen these departments. Replacing Best Buy larger stores could be smaller Best Buy locations in smaller towns and more strategic areas with the backing of a strong Target- Best Buy internet presence. Target could also utilize Best Buy’s biggest asset Geek Squad. Geek Squad being available in Target stores to deal with customer issues would be a huge addition for this corporation. They could expand on the Geek Squad brand and offer in-home services for a variety of its products that are sold. The key to making this merger work would be to create a strong retail presence to rival Amazon. They could also offer customers the opportunity to buy items online and if they needed to return an item, they could just bring it back to the store. In successful mergers both companies will have to integrate its corporate structures. They have an advantage in this situation

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