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CONFIDENTIAL To: Mr A P Hampton From: Active Assistance Date: 29th October 2012 REPORT ON THE GRIEVANCE BETWEEN MRS SMITH AND MR HAMILTON 1.0 TERMS OF REFERENCE On 24th October 2012, the employee Mrs Smith reported a grievance against Mr Hamilton on the grounds of age discrimination. The act of discrimination was reported to be on the 10th October 2012. Mrs Smith reported this grievance verbally to Mrs Tool (manager) on the 10th October 2012. However Mrs Smith felt the outcome of the verbal report had not resolved the matter and therefore reported the grievance formally in writing on the 24th October 2012. Mrs Smith wanted her grievance to be discussed formally and resolved. The grievance report was received and dealt with by…show more content…
However this type of communication also has its disadvantages as there is no physical proof on what has been discussed. Written communication also has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages being that everything is written down therefore can be looked over for future reference. However if the recipient of the written communication does not agree with what has been wrote it can become time consuming. Email is also an effective communication as it can be accessed immediately and is written down for future reference. However this type of communication is relying on technology which can be disrupted or unavailable at times and could cause delays. “Effective communication is a two way information sharing process which involves one party sending a message that is easily understood by the receiving party” 3.0 FINDINGS Whilst in the meeting Mrs Smith explained what had happened between herself and Mr Hamilton on the 10th October 2012 and why she verbally reported this matter to her manager, Mrs Smith then continued her grievance in writing. Mr Hamilton confirmed that the grievance was correct, however did not intend to upset Mrs Smith but understands why this has affected her. Mr Hamilton confirms that he received a verbal warning from Ms Tool on the 10th October 2012 for age discrimination against Mrs Smith. Mr Hamilton reassured all staff

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