Assignment 5.1: Course Project—Interactional Dimensions of Conflict

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Assignment 5.1: Course Project—Interactional Dimensions of Conflict Dontay L. Fortune Jones International University February 7, 2015 BC465: Managing Conflict in Organizations To begin this assignment I began to explore Theme 2 of the Jones International University database and an EHow website to get a better understanding of the style of conflict experienced between the Lockheed Martin Corporation and the Pentagon. I began to get a better understanding of the conflict styles by reading Theme 2; coincidentally I looked for the specific one that I thought fit the conflict style read in the article from the Washington Post—it just so happened to be 5 categories of conflict styles present. Next, I focused my attention toward the article…show more content…
This was a great way to conclude that there are two forms of positioning—intentional and unintentional. Finally, I had to go back to the article of the resulting conflict between the Lockheed-Martin Corporation and the Pentagon to determine whether the conflict was intentional or unintentional. It was determined that the conflict was intentional because the Lockheed-Martin Corporation was a contractor of the Pentagon, who had received orders to refer to the L.M.C. I read into the use of metaphors in The Washington Post article mentioned earlier and located a statement that the Lockheed Chief Executive Robert J. Stevens said (i.e. "Increasingly, the work that has been done in EIG has fallen under this general discussion area of a potential conflict of interest," said Lockheed chief executive Robert J. Stevens. "We just simply respect the fact that the government wants to raise the standard here."). Next, I forced the idea that metaphors indicate how we are perceiving, organizing and evaluating our experiences to help me understand metaphors in conflict. All three of the mentioned interactional dimension—conflict styles, positioning, and metaphors are relevant in my conflict. When it comes to conflicting styles between the Pentagon and the Lockheed-Martin Corporation the conflict was one of compromise because business

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