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RELS 160/Assignment 5 Name: Jordan C. Price

Assignment 5: Based on your reading in Ch 9 in Kessler, the posted readings Morality Without Religion and Universality of Moral Law, the Socrates & St. Augustine power point, pgs. 24-39 in Nye, and the Popular Culture power point.

In all cases, support your answer by stating your reasoning. Be specific, provide detail, and use examples where appropriate in order to demonstrate your understanding of the material. IMPORTANT: Use your own words rather than those of the author. Merely quoting or paraphrasing the textbook does not demonstrate to me your understanding of the material, which is what you are being graded on.

1. In your own words, explain Confucian Virtue theory. Be sure to use
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Weak moral character, otherwise known as someone who does not put others before himself and lives without morality in situations, lacks two particular traits. These traits are moral vision, which would allow people to see the ethical dilemmas that our actions present and strength of will, which would allow an individual to act the way he chooses rather than what he inherently wants. This is deciding to become a certain person and sticking to it.

St. Augustine saw doing the wrong things causes us to develop certain traits. These two traits are ignorance, which is defending what is wrong, and difficulty, which would lead to a loss of control in your life by being controlled by negative motives.

There are many parallels between both of these viewpoints. Both of these individuals saw the reasons for why to do the right thing as something that is important for the greater good of humanity. Both of these individuals use the number 2 in their theories (2 traits people lack and 2 traits people develop). They both see moral action as something that an individual has to decide to practice rather than it being inherent. Both individuals saw that the human had to control oneself by doing the right thing and avoiding what the internal needs are. Both saw that doing the wrong things led to harm upon the person in action and that these actions would cause an individual
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