Assignment 50 Enable Rights And Choices Of Individuals With Dementia Whilst Minimising Risks

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Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF)

Assignment 50: Unit 50: Enable rights and choices of individuals with dementia whilst minimising risks
Learning Outcome
1: Understand key legislation and agreed ways of working that support the fulfilment of rights and choices of individuals with dementia while minimising risk of harm
1.1 What is the impact of the Mental Health Act, and the Mental Incapacity Act (Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards) on individuals who are living with the experience of dementia; with regards to minimising the risks of harm whilst at the same time enabling rights and choices for the individual?

These acts and safe guards are put in place to prevent vulnerable adults with dementia
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Living with dementia can be overwhelming, stressful and emotional. There is a lot to take in, appointments and assessments to attend, sorting out what support you are entitled to, care preparation, wishes and preferences.
Every day is different and brings a new challenge, depending on how the dementia sufferer is feeling that day, they could be angry, still in shock of the diagnoses, sleep or food deprivation causes fatigue and hunger. Their routine or activities for that day may have been slightly changed causing upset and frustration, e.g. new nurses, GP or carers.
There are many types of dementia, causing many different symptoms and treatments, it may take time to find the appropriate treatment/medication to suit the individual.
When all the legal stuff is done, help/support is in place you find the individual to be relieved, coping a little better, quality of life is better due to eating and sleeping more. All of these reasons might make a person with dementia fluctuate on day to day decisions.

Learning Outcome
3: Be able to involve carers and others in supporting individuals with dementia
3.2 Give an example of where you have balanced the rights and choices requested by an individual living with the experience of dementia to resolve a conflict.

My own experience of resolving a conflict whilst balancing the rights and choices of an individual living with

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