Assignment 9 - Critique Of Game Development

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Task 9 - Critique of Game development in Construct 2 Training Course
Shannon M. O’Neill
Sam Houston State University

This academic paper is a critique of the game development in Construct 2 Training Course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy in Introduction to HTML5. The reviewed course consist of approximately 3 hours, 5 modules and 4 assessments of self-paced learning for user of all ages that interested in becoming a game creator for the first time and designed specifically for 2D games. This critique was based on the instructional design aspects, educational technology aspects, design layout and the accessibility of the training course. The instruction design aspect is broken up into 4 parts, the instructional
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Each module has step-by-step instruction of learnable units that build knowledge with easy navigation at your own pace. No requirement for prior computer experience is needed to engage in a fun and exciting way to build 2D games.
Instructional goal. The main instructional goal for this course is for those interested in gaining programming skills at an introductory level of game development. The designers made this easy to learn by offering this course free and available on demand in carefully planned modules. This allows the user to expand their expertise at their own pace and schedule.
Instructional method. The instructional methods described within gave the user other opportunities for furtur learning with additional developer downloads and tools for Classic Windows desktop as well as for your tablet, phone, PC and gaming systems. Also included are links for free access to host and create your game and self-assessment after each module. Additional information is provided with a Q&A log to allow the user to view popular "frequently asked questions". Currently in the Q&A section, users are allowed to viewer to preview previous user’s questions or comments but would be beneficial to have part of this interactive for new questions.
Instructional Strategies. The instructional strategies within the site were clearly indicated
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