Assignment : Adjustment Case Study

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Running Head: ASSIGNMENT 2: ADJUSTMENT CASE STUDY1 Assignment 2: Adjustment Case Study Stephen Damron Psychology of Adjustment June 2, 2016 1st Article In the article “Pain, But No Regrets: A Father Remembers His Adopted Son” the story has been very much proof of all beauty along with sadness inherent within human situation ("Pain, But No Regrets,” 2015). Mr Jones has been most honest person here; he surely has been realist. He followed child. Child, Aaron, may not share its genes, thus not associated to him. Child in addition had been older with his individual memories along with his own horrors not the newer born/infant having none. We who just read of adoptions/foster care or rest of the methods in that the child can lose his or her identity as well as family have no clue. Even followed infant comes towards asking 'who am I actually and 'why did mom or dad cast me out? Sooner or later I know Aaron quite well, having been the adoptee having trauma within the system that has never been considered that no matter what, the identity has been vital not one state can give one however one the child has been born with. I salute Mr. Jones to have best sense for permitting the Aaron HIS individual name along with hope that Aaron had not been permitted to remember his mother as well as whoever else he cannot have forgotten of his actual family ("Pain, But No Regrets,” 2015). 2nd Article Article “Chapel Hill Shooting Victims Were

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