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The organization selected for analysis and this assignment is American Share Insurance (“ASI”). This organization was chosen because of my familiarity with it, as it is where I currently work. ASI hired me right after I graduated college and I have now been there two years. In that time I have gained knowledge as to how the company works and how the Human Resources (“HR”) Department conducts itself. Furthermore, ASI is an insurance agency, and the only provider of private share insurance for credit unions in the nation. ASI is a small sized company, with approximately 30 employees. The majority of the employees are on the audit staff, made up of Staff Auditors, Senior Auditor and fewer Audit Team Supervisors. Every member of audit staff typically travels within the United States for a week at a time, two to three times a month. ASI conducts audits, or “examinations”, for safety and soundness and insurability. Other facets of the examination cycle include review of Asset Liability Management, Allowance for Loan Loss, Investment Management, Budget Management, loan and share review, writing memos and letters and so on. The largest member credit unions are examined on a yearly cycle, and others are examined on a less rigid cycle that depends on factors such as the credit union’s particular needs and financial situation. Due to the schedules of the staff, the HR department plans for meetings at opportune times for discussing health benefits, 401k and retirement, as well as

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