Assignment : An Overview : How Old Are You?

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➨ What is your IGN? zVoid ➨ Please list all past in game names: LosingPackets, oVoidMe ➨ How old are you? (In order to apply for this position you have to be 13+) I'm 16, about to be 17 in early July. ➨ What Time Zone do you live in? Pacific Standard Time (PST) ➨ Can you record with at least 30+ FPS? Yes, ShadowPlay is the real MVP. ➨ Do you have both Skype, Discord and TeamSpeak? Yes, all three. ➨ When did you join Blast Network? Server hasn't been released yet d: Though I was here during the last map of Valor - first day of the reset actually. ➨ How many hours can you play each day? On average, I can play around 2-3 hours, just depends on whether I have extra homework/practice that day. ➨ Do you have any previous experience moderating?…show more content…
➨ Are you currently staff on any other servers? Nope, not right now. ➨ Why do you want to become staff? I want to be staff because I feel like I have a lot to contribute and want nothing less but the best for the server. From my time on Factions and HCF servers, the most successful servers are ran by only the most professional staff members. With that being said, I believe that with my qualities and experience as a staff member I can help keep the server prosperous. I want to be able to cleanse the community from cheaters and keep toxicity to a minimum. Essentially, I just want to help build the community up and monitor the server to keep the playing field fair. By doing so, making the player's experience at our server a memorable one and extending the time which they may stay. I want to be able to say that I was on BlastNetwork since the beginning, before it blows up. No player is going to donate to a server that has poor staff management and a toxic community, which is why I would like to be staff. ➨ Tell us a little bit about yourself: I do three sports: Soccer, Track, and Cross Country, I am a pretty decent student, and I speak/understand English, Spanish, and French - so I am able to translate if a person that speaks only Spanish or French needs help d: ➨ When can you be on the server? (Give your schedule on a Weekly basis) On weekdays I can be on for around 2-3 hours, but on weekends it should be more

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