Assignment: Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review

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Assignment: Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review

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May 23, 2010
Elizabeth Berg

Business Ethics Across Cultures Article Review

The first Article that I read is titled Business Ethics in China. In this article the author talked about how China is open to considering the ethical issues as they want to be global players. The Chinese are aware of some of their own corrupt business practices such as favoring family and cronies. Because the Chinese are doing so well and is such an economic powerhouse, any ethical rules that they set in place will have an impact on the entire world. Chinese frown upon double standards when it comes to criticism of their county by companies that flaunt their own
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Using his insights into Chinese philosophy, Rothlin has developed a textbook in Chinese, Becoming a Top-Notch-Player: 18 Rules of International Business Ethics (Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2004). The book draws on Chinese experiences for case studies and examples. His center has also supported the translation of various classic business ethics texts into Chinese and the development of rigorous research on business ethics issues at Beijing University of International Business and Economics.
Rothlin addressed the Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership as part of reciprocal visits between CIBE and the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics. Markkula Executive Director Kirk O. Hanson has consulted with CIBE, the first center of its kind in China, and serves as honorary chair.
Other speakers at the March Partnership meeting included Dan Sweeney from the Center for Corporate Excellence on "Tone at the Top and Executive Compensation" ; Robert Finocchio, teaching scholar at SCU and private investor on "Incorporating Ethics into the Organization s Strategic Plan"; and Frank Daly, Markkula Center Fellow, Eric Pressler, Apple Computer, and Sam Piazza, Hewlett Packard, on "Rules-Driven and Values-Driven Ethical Approaches: Trade-offs."

The Business and Organizational Ethics Partnership brings together executives and scholars in a forum designed to increase the members' knowledge about effectively managing ethics in their organizations. Founded in
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