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Assignment IV – Computer Organization & Architecture Prepared By Rubin William 11562401 For Malka Halgamuge 15/05/2015 Answer 1 a) Hexadecimal code for each instruction b) Symbol Table c) Accumulator Value: 0108 Answer 2 Assuming that the numbers to be multiplied are positive numbers. ORG 100 INPUT // store the first input number at 40 & 41 location STORE 40 STORE 41 INPUT // Check if the second input value is zero; if yes then terminate program else continue SKIPCOND 400 JUMP FOR_INIT OUTPUT 0 HALT FOR_INIT, SKIPCOND 800 // If the second number is not positive then the program will be terminated HALT SUBT ONE // Subtract 1 so that the loop loops for (second number – 1) times STORE 42…show more content…
(Poczter & Jankovic, 2014) The major reason for this development is to reduce the number of accidents and to make roads safer. Autonomous cars is considered a disruptive technology and has very high potential for success. This article aims to highlight the benefits, risks involved and the future of this technology. These days there is an increase in accidents and traffic congestions on the road. Autonomous vehicles can lessen traffic congestion, reduce accidents, carbon emissions and fuel consumption and provide better parking. (Suresh & Manivannan, 2014) It can prove to be advantageous for the elderly people and people with disabilities. It also saves the time as traffic congestions are reduced. (Frey, 2012) Cars can also be shared among people which can reduce pollution. Autonomous cars can respond better to natural calamities. It will also improve the capacity of highways and ensure better utilization of roads. (Hars, 2010) It leaves people with more time to do their work while travelling. Though there are many car manufacturers who have started working on this model, Google the well-known internet giant had started working on this much earlier and is now in the phase of testing their prototypes under various conditions. Initially their cars even though they were automated had driver to control their car which they eventually eliminated. Google’s car has three major components which make this possible sensors, software and Google’s

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