Assignment : Eliza And Manualized Therapy

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PS380 Unit Three Assignment: Eliza and Manualized Therapy I chose to use a co-worker for the role of client in this assignment. The co-worker and I work together four nights a week, and my thinking here was that she would then be available for whatever else work would be needed of her later in the term. I did not choose to use my teenagers or my girlfriend for the client, as I felt that I would be unable to refrain from asking any further questions if they expressed having a problem. I had her visit the computerized therapist Eliza, while I sat about six feet away from her, observing and taking notes. I only spoke to her when directly responding to things she said to me, otherwise I had no involvement. The results were not spectacular. She was completely frustrated with Eliza, and once I attempted to use the webpage myself, I can see why. She complained of Eliza not responding with any substance to anything she said, and repeating the same few phrases over and over again, or reflecting back whatever she typed. To be honest she was not in the least impressed with Eliza and neither was I. If anything, I was embarrassed that I had asked her to participate before knowing how primitive the program was. I was not impressed with the artificial intelligence of Eliza, and for the client it did not do much to make her feel any better. I asked her if she felt listened to by Eliza, and she responded that she did not feel listened to by anyone or anything, that Eliza only repeated

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