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Chapter Three The World Marketplace: Business without Borders Case Connection China in Africa: A Big Step Forward, or a Bigger Step Backward? Entering an untapped international market can strengthen a business tremendously—but what if the costs outweigh the benefits for the market itself? China has long been an important player on the global stage, but recent advances in manufacturing, natural resources, and energy production have catapulted the expansive country to the forefront of international trade. Currently the world’s fastest growing major economy, China is set to eclipse the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2016. Among various domestic and international plays, one of China’s most fascinating uses of its…show more content…
China does not hesitate to work with corrupt or authoritarian governments if it’s in the country’s economic interest. Thus, China’s investment is bad for the world’s long-term political climate. • China’s inroads into Africa come at the expense of Africa’s citizens. Says Bremmer, “The Chinese quid pro quo typically involves lots of Chinese content, lots of Chinese labor that they’re sending over to these countries to work, which hurts local unemployment issues. And of course, the availability of commodities, including food, to be exported to China. There’s sometimes a Faustian bargain in these countries.” You Decide: • Should Africa be wary of China’s continued investment across the continent? Who stands to benefit from this arrangement, and who stands to suffer? • When engaging in international trade, China focuses on the business arrangement, not its political implications. Do you think the United States should act more like China, strengthening its economy by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with foreign countries that do not promote democracy or fair labor practices? • China is set to overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy by 2016—a date that is fast approaching. How do you think this monumental economic shift will affect your life in the short term? How will it affect

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