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POS-301: Principles and Articles of the United States Constitution Worksheet

Part I: Principles of the Constitution
The constitution consists of some primary principles. Briefly explain the following principles and their significance in shaping American government.
• Self-Government:
Self- Government is when the people of a country get to create their own rules and doesn’t have outside governments making decisions for them. This helped shape the American government by giving citizens of our country the responsibility to and the right to have a say in the rules that are being created.

Separation of Powers:
Separation of Powers is when the government shares power between the three branches which are executive, legislative,
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It creates spending bills they could also impeach those who are officials and approve treaties. The people help elect the members Legislative branch. The Legislative branch has a House of Representative and a Senate and them both together forms the United States. The House of Representative has 435 members who are elected and the Senate has 100 Senators and there is 2 that represent each state. When beginning the Legislative process, a bill has to be introduced to the congress. After the bill is introduced it has to be sent to the Senate which are known as subcommittees and House Committees. These committees could approve the bill, amend it or reject it. There are hearings to make sure that there are no mistakes within the bill. A bill has to pass Congress before it is taken to the President for review after this the committees come together to vote on more time rather to approve, amend, or reject.

The Judicial branch helps individuals to understand the Constitution. It also reviews laws, and helps make decisions on the rights of the states. Members of the of the Judicial branch or chosen by the President and approved by the Senate. Judicial branch helps shape federal judiciary. Judicial branch also has the power to organize courts that are over the supreme court which helped to organize the United States district courts which deal with federal cases and appeal district court cases. The Judicial branch helps make sure that
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