Assignment : Fictional Narrative

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Assignment Fictional Narrative Your short story should be 1–2 pages long. Before submitting your story, make sure you story has • An exposition, rising action, climax, and a resolution. • A setting, plot, and theme. • Imagery to create mood. • A narrator with a consistent point of view. • Dialogue to move the plot and show the characters’ ideas and feelings. • Consistent verb tense. • A variety of sentence structures—simple, compound, complex. • Correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. 1. Refer to the rubric to make sure you turn in your best work. It was a cold, windy, and rainy day which was common in the state of Washington, especially in December on a Sunday. Barney sat and watched…show more content…
They were both in a pile of wood stumbling to get out, and above them was a massive tree house. As barney studied this, many thoughts came through his head, one of which was slightly brighter than the rest. The idea of spending this rainy day surviving in a tree house and with his best friend, it couldn’t have been better. Barney told Ethan his thought or idea on what they could do, he used his imagination describing things with detail. He made up stories about them being pirates, or climbing to the highest mountain! Ethan, being a 7-year-old boy could not hide the fact that he was ready for whatever type of adventure came to him. With a sudden urge, the boys got dressed and prepared for the journey ahead. They ran through the house, then through the yard, in which the back was a giant tree house. The tree was a giant maple, leaves bigger then the either of the boy’s heads. It towered over them, and attached, a wooden platform sat with a latter. Since the boys had inside their warm house the temperature had felt like it dropped a thousand. degrees, quickly they hassled to find the base of the latter as they froze . As they climbed up one by one, they slipped multiple times struggling to get up the hanging latter. Ethan was up first hushing for barney to hurry. Midway up the latter one of the knots on the rope had swelled and snapped, leaving only one rope and many sticks to climb up. At this point Barney was roughly 10 feet off the
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