Assignment Five : Causes Of Combating Organized Crime

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Combating Organized Crime
Assignment 5 Paul VanWormer
Class LEG410
Mr. Shofner
September 9, 2017

Organized Crime is an infection that spread to the United States as immigrants from Italy came to America and brought with them the same tactics and mentality to combat the laws they felt did not or should not impede their actions. Organized crime in its definition can encompass many factions large and small, from drug trafficking efforts MS-13 to the criminal enterprise of the Mafia. Terrorism and the groups that deal death for retaliation of that they feel is justified are also organized criminals, their goals may not be the same as the Mafia but the results of actions can be just as grave. As law enforcement works diligently to inoculate our society from these criminal syndicates we must join in to create a society that is rid of the fear, intimidation, corruption and death that these organizations bring about.
Sources of Organized Crime Determining who the bad apples are, is not the issue, having the evidence and ability to capture and successfully prosecute those who distribute the destructive nature of organized crime is. Reading the many news articles and textbooks available, we know who the criminals are, and what they do. The nature of many illicit crimes, such as drugs, prostitution, and pornography provide the lifeblood that allow organized syndicates to thrive, without a customer there is no supplier. So those within society who choose to
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