Assignment For Capote 's ' Cold Blood ' Essay

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Assignment for Capote, In Cold Blood
English 10- Honors- Mr. Hodges/Mr. Morris

As part of your summer assignment, you will read In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. You may purchase the book on your own or you may borrow a school copy of it. Read closely and annotate your text. Annotations will not be collected, but this is an educational and intellectual habit that you want to begin if you haven’t already.
After reading, complete the questions listed below.

QUESTIONS The author frequently uses words in combinations that startle and disturb. Note the following: like a peacock trapped in a turkey pen; hip-high, sheep slaughtering snows; land winter-stripped and as somber as sheet iron; paws used as though they are surgical instruments. The words themselves are not unusual; the combinations are. Why? Incongruity? Alliteration? Connotation of violence?

Point of view shifts throughout this novel. Sometimes we witness a scene through Nancy’s eyes, sometimes through Smith’s, sometimes through a law officers. At other times the omniscient author takes over. Is this variation effective? Why?

Capote called In Cold Blood a non-fiction novel. What does this mean? The non-fiction is obvious. Do the techniques mentioned above suggest a reason for calling this particular non-fiction book a novel?

The critic, George Plimpton, said that the final scene in the book seems to synthesize the whole experience for Alvin Dewey. What does this mean? Does this help to explain

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