Assignment For Week One A Work Breakdown Structure

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Assignment for Week One Sarah L Bean INF 337 Integrated Cost & Schedule Control Instructor: Michael Chu 7/19/2016 to 8/22/2016 Assignment for Week One A work breakdown structure (WBS) is hierarchical structure to a project’s life cycle that display a logical demonstration of meshed activities in a project’s scope. A scope is well defined with clear tasks, standards, and specifications with the proper language for review by customers where correction or misunderstanding can be corrected. It allows a target delivery date and budget for the project with expected deliverables and work package activities. The scope is referred to as the project’s objective. The WBS is an layout of how the work ought to be performed. There is no universal standards or rules to developing a WBS. However, the WBS meshes the project scope, schedule, cost, project information structure to simplify understanding of the objective. The following essay is a simple explanation of what is a WBS and a 3 level dollhouse project using a WBS structure WBS with Relations to Deliverables, Codes, & Work Packages The idea of the WBS is to draw out the entire project information structure to the flow of progress using a summarized report to the project cost. A clear understanding of the WBS is a interrelated logical element where facilitation, estimation, resource requirements, point of control systems and network, and assigned responsibilities for the each element is planed, development, and implemented. The
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