Assignment: Formulating Better Interview Questions

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Interview Questions Interview Questions The assignment being completed by the author of this paper poses a few questions relating to the questions that should and should not be asked in a job interview. It is also asked how applicants should respond when illegal questions are asked in an interview. Knowing the lines that prospective employers cannot cross, even if the prospective employer does not know them, is important to have figured out in advance. Proper Interview Questions The two most important factors in determining the best applicant to choose from a pool of interview subjects is person-to-job fit and person-to-team fit. If either one of those equations is misaligned or out of phase, it can wreak havoc if and when a bad hire is made (Williams, 2006). In terms of person-to-job fit, the prospective applicant must be able to attest and verify that they have the correct experience and skill sets to execute a job effectively. This is a necessary prerequisite to hiring anyone. Establishing job competence can be done via a number of ways. In terms of interview questions, applicants can be made to explain the experience they have had. They can also be asked about complex or stressful situations related to the job task itself and how they addressed those situations. It can then be verified whether the person approached the situation the right way (Williams, 2006). In terms of person-to-team fit, there two distinct dynamics that need to be scrutinized during the
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