Assignment: How Two Body Systems Interrelate to Perform Named Functions

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D1 – Analyse how two body systems interrelate to perform named functions The circulatory system and the respiratory system work closely together to ensure that organ tissues and systems receive enough oxygen. Oxygen is required for cellular functions such as cell respiration. This is so the body’s organs and cells can work at fully; it is done by releasing chemical energy with in stored foods. The air breathed in and held in the lungs is transferred to the blood. The blood is circulated by the heart, which pumps the oxygenated blood from the lungs to the body organs and returns with deoxygenated blood. Energy metabolism comes in different types such as Anabolism and Catabolism energy. They all make sure that energy breaks down…show more content…
The same happens with Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The blood in the surrounding capillaries has a higher concentration of CO2 than the inspired air due to it being a waste product of energy production. This is when O2 and CO2 pass each other going back around the body systems to the heart. Once this is done the flow goes from Deoxygenated blood to Oxygenated blood. There is a small amount of carbon dioxide and more oxygen in the body because of gases exchange this is where oxygen form the lungs is transferred in to the blood and carried to the heart and when carbon dioxide is carried in to the lungs forms the blood and is exacted outwards by breathing. Mitochondria also need oxygen to create carbon dioxide for the body so the gas exchange can happen again. Outside the body there is a smaller amount of oxygen but it is still higher than CO2. Oxygen is used for cell respiration which is created and found in the mitochondria. The mitochondria need oxygen to make glucose for the body cells and to create carbon dioxide. Glucose is used in the liver to regulate the body’s sugar levels. Carbon dioxide is then added to water and then to energy for cell respiration and for the body systems and organs to be able to work.
Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy

Homeostasis means keeping a constant internal environment in the body. Homeostasis reaches from every cell up to the whole of the organs and the systems.

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