Assignment : Human Comfort Within Buildings Essay

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BTEC Subsidiary Diploma Construction and the Built Environment
Unit 4- Science & Materials

Assignment: Human Comfort within buildings

Student: Ciaran Monaghan
Teacher: Mrs Keyes

BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Construction & the Built Environment
Assignment 1: Human Comfort within the building.
Scenario: A property developer is converting an old railway station into retail and office accommodation. The client is keen to make the working environment for the staff as comfortable as possible. As a consultant, explain how this can be done by addressing the relevant grading criteria.
To begin my assignment I would need to look at an Old Railway Station and how human comfort is affected within the building. In an old railway station there may already be rooms designed for offices and maybe a large area for retail depending on the size of the building, but when it was built along time ago human comfort may not have been taken into consideration as deeply. In an old building like this there will be small windows which will restrict natural light and also fresh air getting in, also with it being an office and retail accommodation together this means there may be a lot of noise in the offices which could cause a stressful environment to work in. When newly converted the new shop will be open and welcoming for the customers by having bright warm colours to make it feel inviting. It will be designed for a small shop like a coffee shop or small groceries shop. The offices will
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