Assignment : I, As A Writer

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November 3rd, 2015 – ENTRY 1: Me, as a writer?
Attitude: I’m energized to complete this course and learn more about writing, but I feel like some of the information for this course makes it a little difficult for me because I don’t understand some of the information I’m receiving but I hope to overcome this and try to move through it and do the best I can. Doing the best you can is all you can do right? I hope to execute well in this class and pass with a good grade and I also enjoy this class because I like to write, because I get to write out my thoughts. It’s a great deal easier than speaking your thoughts. When you write I feel like you get more in depth with your sentiments and feelings, but the one thing I don’t like about writing is someone reading it and I care about what they’ll recollect.

Inventory: I’m an autonomous learner, that’s why I chose to acquire an online course at Penn Foster. Studying this course is perfect for me because it’s at your own stride. I also want to become a more skillful writer. I desire to write things out more clearly and I want to use better wording and use more transition words and I feel like I will be able to understand all the things I need to know and attempt to ameliorate my writing at Penn Foster. I’m very excited to complete this course and be able to show someone else all of the information I learned in this class.

November 3rd, 2015 -ENTRY 2:
Brainstorming: Technology these days can be a good thing and a bad…

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