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Christy Chen works at SpringLeaf Designs, a Seattle-based company that makes jewelry and accessories out of recycled materials. Christy has created a workbook to analyze costs and profits by product line. She has also compiled sales forecasts for the next five years. She has asked you to complete the data entry and analysis and to format the worksheets so they have a consistent and professional look.

Download the following file from the SAM website:
Open the file you just downloaded and save it with the name:
Hint: If you do not see the .xlsx file extension in the Save file dialog box, do not type it.
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Prices vary slightly by store location and channel. Remove any existing text from the comment box, including the user name, before entering the new comment.
6. In cell F6, type a formula to calculate the average selling price per beaded earring unit. (Hint: The average selling price for the beaded earrings is calculated by dividing the total Sales values in cell C6, by the number of Units Sold value in cell D6.) Copy the formula from cell F6 to the ranges F7:F8, F10:F13, and F15:F18.
7. Apply the Currency Number format to the range F6:F18. (Tip: The Currency Number format should have 2 decimal places displayed by default. If it doesn’t, update the range to display 2 decimal places.)
8. Select the range D6:D18 and use the Quick Analysis tool to create a formula that calculates the total number of units sold. The formula will use the SUM function and should appear in cell D19.
9. Enter a formula in cell E6 to calculate the percentage of total sales accounted for by beaded earrings. The formula will divide beaded earring sales in C6 by total sales in C19. (Hint: Use an absolute reference to the total sales in cell C19, and a relative reference to beaded earring sales in cell C6). Copy the formula from cell E6 to the ranges E7:E8, E10:E13, and E15:E18.
10. Apply the Percentage Number format with no decimal places to the range E6:E18.
11. Based on range I6:I18, enter a formula in cell I21 that uses the MAX function to identify the highest average

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