Assignment : Individual Strategic Management

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At Will Employment Doctrine

Leza Holston
Charter Oak State College HRM 312
Assignment 10- Individual Strategic Management Essay
Prepared for Prof. Rebecca Natale
March 8, 2015
Research Paper

At Will Employment Doctrine
I never really paid attention to what AT Will employment meant until this year. I always thought that an employer must have just cause before they terminated employment. I came face to face with AT Will Employment law and how it applies to the American workforce. As I was sitting across from my boss and human resources representative and was presented with a contract that stated “You have 30 days to seek another position and if you are unable to secure another position within the company your employment will end.” There was no prior warning or conversations that indicated my job was in jeopardy. I cannot tell you how many people I called including attorneys, who all said the said, the same thing “You are an AT Will Employee. They don’t have to give you a reason why they are terminating you.” So, how did this AT Will law come about and why was it signed into American law? The Employment At-Will law, was created in the 1877 by accident and it gave both the employee and the employer the freedom to end any contractual employment agreement at any time, without a reason. While under British rule in America, there was no feudal system, but it did exist in England. However, in America the economic system was mercantilism as…
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