Assignment : Itil Vs Cobit

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ITIM7.450 IT Management Assignment 1 – ITIL vs COBIT By Swapna Kagita CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 BACKGROUND 4 PROGRESSION AND HISTORY 5 HISTORY OF COBIT 5 HISTORY OF ITIL 6 IT ISSUES AND GROWTH 8 STRATEGY 9 CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES 11 INTRODUCTION Each and every aspect in life is getting connected to Information Technology. Starting from a simple home computer to Super computer used by NASA is technologically driven. Therefore, managing IT or IT management has become a very important activity. In this report, we will look at two of the most important functions in IT Service Management –COBIT( Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) and ITIL( Information Technology Infrastructure Library). I am Swapna Kagita, have worked in Computer Sciences Corporation, India for 5 years as a Storage Administrator. Reason for doing IT course is to have a basic knowledge of IT, because I was to pursue a career in IT. New Zealand is a developed country and Auckland is a multi-cultural city. This is the reason I chose to study in Auckland. EIT is a Government polytechnic which has been into Education for almost 37 years now. This made EIT an obvious choice to study IT. Courses provided by EIT for Graduate Diploma in IT have various facets. A person who wants to pursue this course must have basic IT knowledge to understand these are advanced subjects. Once I complete the course, I am confident that I would be able to find a job in IT and make a successful

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