Assignment : Leading A Team Into Change

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Diploma in Health Services Management (DHSM)

DHCS 302: Personal and Team Effectiveness in Health and Social Care

ASSIGNMENT 3: Leading a Team into Change

Karen Soliba
(ID No. CIB00002TW)

Class I-D

Dr.Siham El-Kafafi

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Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
Rehabilitation Facility Set-up 3
Stakeholders to Consult Before Developing the Team 3
Type of Team to Build 4
Required Qualities for the New Staff 4
Ensuring Team Effectiveness 5
Conclusion 6
Reference 7

Fluidity seems to be the demand of any business sectors nowadays-from education, to enterprises, information technology and to healthcare. In this case, change is a fundamental requirement to meet the business aim for continuous runniness (Philips, A., 2014). To lead a team for the change is not an easy project because it needs thorough planning, execution and evaluation at the same time beating any changes that come along while doing all these lists of task.
This final assignment, Leading a Team into Change, begins as usual with a pseudo settings that I am a leader of an inter-disciplinary team responsible for rehabilitation of clients into their respective abodes. My company is then extending its services because I got new contract from the Ministry of Health. This paper provides what kind of health service I wanted to…
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