Assignment : Managing International Companies

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LP5.2 Assignment: Managing International Companies
Porchia Green
National American University – Online

I have always been fascinated with developing countries, especially in Africa. I first passion was learning about the culture and various religions in central African and other regions on that continent. When it comes to risk factor, China and African has a lot going and against it due to the develop pollution that settles on this vast land. Risk is the ability to gain or lose something that has value. Ideally it is the intentional interaction with uncertainty which is an uncontrollable and unpredictable outcome. When it comes to finance and trading, you are leaving it up to a gamble, which makes it a risk. In addition, when compared to developed country such as England, you will see the difference in the risk factor. The ability to take risk has raised has altered the development and functions of technology, which it has enabled us to fully analyse a certain risk and make the most appropriate decisions before undertaking it. This article will examine the risks reports of five different countries in three different continents, sources of the risks and their impact.
The countries that I will discuss are Kenya, China and Europe. Asian countries like China has been labelled CRT-3 risk due their strong export sector, state expenditure, development of infrastructure and construction ( A.M. Best Company, Inc., 2016). China has the world’s second largest GDP and.

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